Tomb Raider - A Survivor is Born

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#1 Posted by YellowPacman (23 posts) -
OMG! The trailer for Tomb Raider - A Survivor is Born was released! I think it is awesome and the cutscenes look great. Plus, I believe they will focus more on melee combat and you have to find your own supplies in order to survive! What do you guys think of it?
#2 Posted by anandmw2 (50 posts) -
If they refine combat i will buy this game definitely.any way the new look of lara is awesome
#3 Posted by Phoenix534 (17774 posts) -

I really hope the gameplay is as good as the new artstyle. The environment and character design for Lara are beyond incredible.

#4 Posted by biggest_loser (24105 posts) -
A shame its not coming out till next year. That trailer: wow lol. I was not expecting that.