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Is there any way to make grouping easier? It seems like I have to share every single stage of every single quest to make my friend stay with me questwise. Is there any way to do that automatically or something?

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As far as I know, I don't think so. But then again, I only played TSW for a couple of months when it first launched. I remember playing with a friend and we had to help each other get to the same part of the quest/mission.
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That's really crummy. The grouping system is pitiful.
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That's really crummy. The grouping system is pitiful.guynamedbilly
I'd have to agree. It was worse when the chat channels literally crashed and we couldn't talk to one another. That was in the first month. It was dreadful. Finding people for dungeons isn't so bad though. Better than the World of Warcraft vanilla days haha where you had to LFG in chat channel. The quest system group find needs some work.