The most fun PC games you ever played?

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#1 Posted by REd_toe (135 posts) -
Personally, the most fun games i ever played on PCwould be Portal and Warcraft III. What about you?
#2 Posted by foxhound_fox (90613 posts) -
StarCraft, Doom II, Portal, Age of Empires II, Day of Defeat and The Sims.
#3 Posted by fynne (8078 posts) -
Diablo 1&2, Half Life (all), Fear (all), Total Annihilation.
#4 Posted by BLaZe462 (1432 posts) -
space quest series, betrayal at krondor, duke3d, ut'99
#5 Posted by Dr_Brocoli (3724 posts) -

Oh jeez:P soo many, lets see... Civ 1,3 and 4. portal, TF2, Full HL series, BF42, and 2 .CSS,maybeDoD,Starcraft,AOE2andmythologywasntbad,Totalannihilatonwasbadasstoo.AndihatetosayitbutWoW...


#6 Posted by Dr_Brocoli (3724 posts) -
wow sorry about my post :S it didnt include spaces :S? weird
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wow sorry about my post :S it didnt include spaces :S? weirdDr_Brocoli

Are you using Opera?

#8 Posted by REd_toe (135 posts) -

i was hoping for a post of your like top 3 or something, not a list of top 50 games pc ever. lol

#9 Posted by GodLovesDead (9752 posts) -
Jedi Outcast 2. Good times. I remember playing on RP servers on Mosley in a cantina.
#10 Posted by Tsunami23 (1352 posts) -
That Helicopter flash game you can play online. Me and my friends from a Web Design Class had a competition to see who can get the highest score, and I won and bagged a total of 40 bucks that day. Now that is fun.
#11 Posted by pilouuuu2004 (1075 posts) -
Monkey Island, The Sims 2, Doom II...
#12 Posted by iwokojance (1040 posts) -
Racing Destruction Set on Commodore 64.
#13 Posted by andrewt1187 (1524 posts) -
I had the most fun (time) with Roller Coaster Tycoon, Age of Empires 2, Jedi Outcast, WoW, CS:S and the Battlefield Series (2 and Vietnam).
#14 Posted by xeekthecatx (926 posts) -

WOW... nuff said