The Easiest games ever.

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If you know the easiest game ever.

please post.

Dont ask me why.


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And I beat it so quickly and easily.

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Progress Quest

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I think Kane and Lynch 2 is fairly easy if only for its short length. I played it on medium and aside from a few sequences had little trouble. Finished it in just over 4 hours. It'd be a cake walk on the easiest setting. Not sure if thats a good answer. If the actual hit detection worked it would be even simpler.

Some of the Call of Duty games on the easiest setting would be a breeze too.

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Progress Quest

This is without a doubt the right answer.
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Assassins Creed 2 is really fun and very easy
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Ghost Recon Devil May Cry 4
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Medal of Honor. 4 hours or less. I'm not trying to flame bait. It's really easy and it's a fairly recent release. If you can find it for $15 which I've seen it going around for a few days ago... it wouldn't be such a bad idea. The campaign is solid but the multiplayer sucks.
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Agreed. Easy and fun. Oddly addicting.
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Agreed. Easy and fun. Oddly addicting.

gotta go with this...and assassins creed 2 or spore

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Fable 2. The game can be beaten by just mashing the x button repeatedly.

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I've been playing fishdom 2 premium edition for awhile and very relaxing and very easy. Already on level 112 hehehe.

Also found settlers 6 to be very relaxing and very easy.

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Assassins Creed 2 comes to mind. No challenge whatsoever. Braindead.
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Assassin's Creed II was ridiculously easy, albeit fun.

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half-life 2 was pretty easy if i remember right

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Prince of Persia 2008, I mean you can't even die.

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Play on hard and go venture out at night then say its easy.
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I didn't find Magicka terribly difficult and it was tons of fun as well.

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Big RIgs
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Total War games. Always take over the world on vh/vh.
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Prototype and The Saboteur. I enjoyed both though, more so playing The Saboteur.