The best Railroad Tycoon game out there?

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#1 Posted by grarap (5780 posts) -
I'm looking for a railroad simulator, which basically gives me 3 choices: Railroad Tycoon 2, 3 or Sid Meiers: Railroads! Could anybody out there give me some advice on which one, by modern standards, is the 'better' game? I'm looking for a complex game, but not fustratingly finnicky and difficult. I also don't want graphics or gameplay that impede the fun of the game, because in the end I only really want a good time.
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If your lokking for a complex game then avoid Railroads!. It is painfully simplistic. Perssonally I think that Railroad tycoon 3 is by far the best. I prefered the complexity although it is by no means overly complex. I would read the reviews if I was you but seriously Railroads! was a pretty poor attempt and I would avoid it.
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Railroad Tycoon 3 is not a bad choice, and there is a free downloadable expansion pack from the game's developer called Coast to Coast(but don't install the 1.05 patch for RR3 until after you install the expansion, if you do get the expansion).

However, I prefer Railroad Tycoon 2 over 3 because of the camera angles. Both are entertaining games, I just found RR2 to be easier to interact with. If you get RR2, make sure you get the Platinum version because there has been a patch released for it so that the screen does not scroll by at a million miles per hour when you move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen (or use the arrow keys).

I skipped Railroads after what I read about it, but I have seen it around for about $15 and might give it a shot for the heck of it.

I also enjoyed the original Railroad Tycoon back in the day on my old 386SX system, and Deluxe was pretty fun too at the time. But those are old DOS games. :D

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Thanks guys. Tycoon 2 sounds fun, but I have a few questions on it that have to be settled before I buy it over steam. Do the graphics impede gamplay? Is it too complicated? I'm not looking for insane depth, just good clean fun. If somebody could settle my greivances then I would be very grateful :)
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Could somebody please give me some advice? I'm desperate to take the plunge, but Railroad Tycoon II and III seems so different in many respects that I have no idea (on balance) which is the better.
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Cris Sawyer's Locomotion. if you can stand a bit of out dated graphics and things. i have found it to be the best transport tycoon game. Atari shipped a DX9 verson in 2004 that work on all my systems and computers including Vista 64 bit.