The best Diablo 2 savegame editor

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Hi! I was wondering if any of you guys out there remember a certain character editor for diablo 2 where you could modify or create new characters, edit inventory, stats and like everything. There was a folder belonging to the editor full of item pictures so you could see what the items look like in the editor. I just miss it. You know what i'm talking about? If you know then i'll be happy =o)
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try to search for : hero editor zonefire it has it all :)
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Yeah, i found that one shortly after posting this thread! Hero editor rox! Thanks anyway! =) For anyone else entering this thread in search of the best D2 editor, go here: This is the download URL for Hero Editor v0.96 wich works with the latest versions of D2 and D2 - LOD It's simply the best... so check it out!
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does any one know where to get diablo 2 (LOD) hero editor for macintosh

PLZ help me i cant find anything for mac its all for windows

#5 Posted by dragoon949 (1 posts) - thats a hero editor for diablo but its only in beta :)