Team Fortress 2 VOTING

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#1 Posted by jerrodbug (2 posts) -
how do you vote for maps, etc in team fortress 2? people say just type in 1, 2, 3, etc, or things like RTV (rock the vote) but i dont know WHERE to type these in. i have tried the console and in chat, and neither seems to work.
#2 Posted by Franko_3 (5728 posts) -
It depends of the server, but you will need a certains number of people who want to rtv to start a real vote. For example 5 or 6 persons on a 32 players servers in the majority of the case
#3 Posted by zeppelin_64 (3924 posts) -
I'm pretty sure you just click it without doing anything else. I might be wrong though.
#4 Posted by cobrax25 (9649 posts) -
Dont know about the rest, but RTV is typed in chat, maybe not in TF2, but in other source games I have played, thats the way it is.