System restore without a CD?

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I'm selling my laptop to a friend of mine, and I want to do a system restore but the laptop didn't come with it. I have a Windows 7 CD that I got to use on my gaming desktop that I built, but on the case is says to not lend or make copies. Is it ok if I use the CD just to do a system restore, or it wouldn't work? If it doesn't work how can I do a system restore without a CD?

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All laptops have a recovery partition, theres normally a button you press at startup to access it.

What model is it?

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My MSI lappy has 3 or 4 options when it first boots up. Are you sure you do not have a recovery key?? It will say like press f11 for recovery, system restore, or what ever.

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Ok I found out that HP's have a software that does a system restore to factory defaults (it could be F11), but it's back to it's defaults.