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Anyone know of any planed survival MMORPG's in the works?
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Depending on what you mean by survival, there are a few which are set in a post-apocalyptic world and its your job to quest and survive. Fallen Earth would be an example.
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I feel like these posts were a set up.

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Here's a good survival mmorpg for you: Real Life!

Ain't I right? :D

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Planed survival ? What the heck is this ? :O

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Forgot about this. Looking better. When the hell is this supposed to come out? Also, I don't think it'll go anywhere, solely because it seems that most mmo's fail unless they're world of warface(never could understand this, game sucks), but it would amazing if it did make it.

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Just checked out that Survarium - looks good.
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Just checked out that Survarium - looks good.twothirtygamer

It is, same dev team who made stalker

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[QUOTE="twothirtygamer"]Just checked out that Survarium - looks good.danygo1996

It is, same dev team who made stalker

Is this game not out yet, in Alpha? Also, is it for the US?
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play eve in null sec space [spoiler] you wont survive lol [/spoiler]