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Ever since my headset broke I just fixed them by using a hot glue gun and super glue (by the way that will hold like steel when mixing hot glue and super glue, but wear goggle and a mask cause it burns your eyes and smells). After about 2 months they started to warp where the glue was and is at least a inch or a half inch off my ear and cuts the sound quality in half. I have been looking around since then. I found a headset that I am almost dead set on but I would like to know what you guys think and was wondering if there was anything better. But from what I can tell these are the best for the price.


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I picked this up on black friday, works great with my pc. But that all depends how much you wanna spend.

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You cannot go wrong with a G430 from Logitech, unless it's too expensive for you. Though Logitech has less expensive Headsets than the G430, maybe a G230 or G330?



Keep in mind that Mwave is in Australia.

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I am just sick of turtle beaches cause they all ways break for me in the most stupidest ways. I was going to go with logitech a long time ago but alot of people said not to go with logitech and this video discouraged me. Also, logitech headsets, from what I hear and read have alot of problems with google chrome. Lastly, the G230 is better.

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The G430 got USB and virtual Surround which is crap, trust me I spent loads of money on Razer Megalodon and it sucks ass, the only good thing was the sound quality.

Besides the G430 and the G230 got everything same in quality.

Either G230 or Tt eSports Shock - I recommend only 3.5mm headphones and microphone, USB ones are the worst.


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I don't want a logitech headset, but the Tt eSports Shock headsets look nice but I think I am going to go with Kingston Hyperx Edition Steelseries Siberia v2. But if anyone else got anything better let me know. Try to keep under $100

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Buying Logitech in 2013?

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Wow, this is why we need the audio/video board back. Terrible recommendations everywhere.

What's your budget TC?

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Terrible recommendations everywhere.


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My budget is $0-$100, I know there isn't much in this range but I want to get the best in that range.

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Audio Technica ad700/sennheiser hd 558. If you buy gaming specific shitty headphones like the Triton, Turtle Bitches, Astro.................. that's like throwing away your money. Im not an audiophile but im rocking dem hd 558 since last year and i will NEVER EVER go back to gaming headsets. Did i say never? Cuz i meant NEVEEEEEER.

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Wow, this is why we need the audio/video board back. Terrible recommendations everywhere.

What's your budget TC?


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For under $100 I'd recommend HD518 and a separate mic.