Steam Won't Update

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#1 Posted by topgunmv (10113 posts) -

The newest client update that adds in the ability to take screenshots won't finish downloading for me

It always stops at 28.75/28.78 MB. I've tried restarting steam multiple times and changing my download location. Every time it just restarts the download, with the same result.

Anyone have any idea what the fix is?

#2 Posted by mkaliaz (1979 posts) -

Hmm, thats a strange one. Sorry I don't have anything to help, but at least I will bump this thread for you! :)

#3 Posted by kris9031998 (7554 posts) -
I had a problem like that with the Dragon Age 2 demo. So i just downloaded the demo of Bioware's website, but i dont know how to fix this one. Sorry.
#4 Posted by topgunmv (10113 posts) -

Guess I'll open a support ticket and see if valve has a solution.