Steam won't start

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Yup, it says "Steam is already running, you may run only one copy of Steam at one time." wtf

But I havent even open the program yet

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I had this same problem. If your running Vista, you need to go to your steam program folder, right-click on steam.exe, go to properties, click on the compatibility tab, and the compatibility mode box should be turned on to windows XP (SP2). Turn it off, and steam should run.I hope this helps.

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I tried that and it didn't work. I'm trying to troll the forums on steams site but its almost like they hate their users. I need to figure this out before Left 4 Dead comes out...
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Did you check your process list to make sure its not running?
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This has happened to me a few times. Open up task manager and look for steam under processes, end process and restart steam.
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Just hit crtl alt del bring task manager go to processes keep hitting s key till you find steam.exe then right click and hit end process tree