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Can somebody please help me?  Whenever I start steam, my moniter resolution goes to 640x480, which is crazy because the lowest resolution my moniter supports is 800x600.  I do remember my friend messing with my CS graphics settings and put it to the lowest, causing my moniter to say something about an unsupported res.  But I fixed it by putting '-width 1280 -height 1024' in the launch options.  However, my actual steam resolution is 640x480, as I mentioned before.  How do i fix it?
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find the .blob file in the cfg folder in steam somewhere in the css folder or whatever game youre launching, delete it and restart steam. that should do most problems
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Well, the thing is, I don't have any steam games installed. I uninstalled steam and then reininstalled it thinking it would fix it, but apparently it did not. Should I just install cs or something and delete the blob file there?
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Have you tried Reinstalling Steam?

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Have you tried Reinstalling Steam?


Have you realized this thread is 6 years old?