Steam Not Working

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The Steam Store and Community isn't working. Keeps giving me the -101 error. I tried uninstalling, and went to the website to reinstall, but it isn't connecting to that either. Tried updating flash, and renaming the client .blob thing (forget the real name right now), and running as admin, and it still isn't working.. HELP?!

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I'm in the same boat, it's dead to me.

I want to see the updated deals! If I missed any good games on serious discount, Valve is gonna pay for this!

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Try on another computer?

Works fine here at my end.

#4 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (3317 posts) -

Not working here.

#5 Posted by Importz2k1 (21 posts) -

They are down, probably getting over run with downloads from all their sales.

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Steam isn't working for anyone. Outage appears to be the result of them giving Left 4 Dead 2 away for free.

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Okay. Origin isn't working for me either, so I assumed that Steam being down was just a problem for me as well.

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Yeah, Steam store is broken for me too.

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Steam is broken, yes, but steam employees have been called in to fix it, why? because people are constantly hitting refresh and trying to get that free copy of L4D2, I was lucky, they let me in and i've nabbed my copy, but they are progressively bringing it back up, what people aren't realising is that this offer is a 24 hour cycle.

Where does my disappointment lie? with the fact that I bought terraria for 2.99 a couple of days ago, it's now 1.49.