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i had to reinstall steam and now it has an error saying it can't find an entry point to load the internet. how do i do this. also do i have to uninstall steam and then reinstall. i haven't done this (reinstalling with steam still on pc) yet because i'm afraid of losing half life 2 due to its strict copywriting
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Steam is pretty bad. Valve wont say so but its a sad attempt by them to keep people from pirating games. Its a very clumsy program, but is slowly getting better. Just be thankful its no EA Link. EA Link makes people want tocommit suicide its so klunky.
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i know that i need to know how to do this without possibly losing my half life 2 game and being forced to buy a new one
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do i uninstall steam or not

will i still have half life 2 work for my computer or will i have to buy a new copy.

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Hmmm, I dont know man. If you really dont want to lose your save games I would email Valve and tell them whats going on, or actually find your save game files in My Computer and copy them then reinstall steam then put the copies back into the folder.
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do i uninstall steam or not

will i still have half life 2 work for my computer or will i have to buy a new copy.


all your games are tied to your account. you'll have to re-download them, but you'll still have them.

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If you uninstall Steam and delete every single file associated with it on your PC, you will still own Half Life 2. Games are tied to your account, so as long as you can log in to Steam you won't lose the games.
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i don't care about my game i just want to know if i can reinstall hl2 since the game requires it to work for one computer (same computer but have to reinstall steam because of error
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thanks for the answer everyone
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1.) If you downloaded HL2 over STEAM then as soon as you reinstall STEAM the game will begin to download again. Thing to remember is every game you buy from STEAM is linked to the account you bought it under. And when you remove STEAM from your PC and then install it again and login to an account, all games associated with that account will begin to download.

2.) If you have HL2 on disc then just reinstall the game from the CD to the EXACT same account you installed it on before. As the serial code to all Valve games can only be used once on one account, IE - you can't install HL2 from disc onto a new STEAM account if you already installed it on another account.

I found this out after my first STEAM account that i've had since December 5th 2003 was banned recently and after i emailed STEAM support asking info about swapping games from old accounts to new ones. They told me that the serial code on all Valve games can only be registered to the one account, it can't be registered to a new account. Although you can still register the serial code multiple times to the same account.