Steam Halloween Sale

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Incase you haven't noticed, there is now a Halloween sale on :)

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Anything worthwhile to pick up? I've been pretty bored of gaming lately. Could use something unique to spice up my day. Lots of games on sale, half I already own, half I have barely heard of.

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Brothers looks interesting

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Tons of great titles at good prices but I has no money and BF4 should keep me occupied til Winter sale.

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I'd probably get Brothers, but my wired Xbox 360 is broken.

The only other that is tempting for its price point is Sleeping Dogs. $5 is just right :)

EDIT: DOH! Just saw Condemned 1. I loved that game on the 360. Must have!

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Anybody know what time in Nov 1st sale ends?

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I think i'll get Outlast, been waiting for a discount on that one

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Short sale, but a bunch of good titles up there.

I got Brothers, Van Helsing and Typing of the Dead.

Although TotD I got through GMG specifically, with their extra 20% off code.

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So far I've got Sleeping Dogs DLC Collection, Spelunky and The Wolf Among Us

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Amnesia and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Hehehehehe

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I had a few coupons to burn, so I picked up The Swapper, Foul Play, Shadow Man, Brothers and Eldritch.

They were all on my wishlist, so I'm happy with that haul.

Oh yeah, and I picked up Typing of the Dead: Overkill on GMG, because I really enjoyed the Wii original.

#12 Posted by Horgen (110709 posts) -

Bought Bioshock 1 + 2 and they don't appear in my library :?

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Only one i picked up was Miasmata and the game is awful, crappy graphics, controls and its boring. Should of bought fear 3 for just 1 dollar more.

If you guys wants a great survival game try Don't starve. That game doesn't take pity on you but keeps you coming back for more.

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I recommend Ghost Master, a classic game for me which is only 1.24$

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Anyone who enjoyed Deus Ex should pick up Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It has similar variety in gameplay and the class system drastically affects the way the game plays.

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Penumbra series, very cheap now!

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Picked up brutal legend for 75% off pretty good game and awesome soundtrack :)