Steam download folder?

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#1 Posted by Amigro (737 posts) -

So I just used Steam for the first time to buy some games. When it prompted me to download it never gave me an option of where to download to and as far as I can tell there is no option to set a download location on the Steam settings.

I was able to find the download under the SteamApps\common folder, but was wondering if there is any way to change that location. The drive that I originally installed Steam on is now close to full and it would be much easier if I could download these games to another drive.

Thanks for the help and Happy New Year!

#2 Posted by _Sundodger_ (65 posts) -
I just googled it, doesn't look like you are able to install on multiple drives. :(
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you can move the entire thing. It's pretty painless and works most of the time. Basically copy the steam apps folder somewhere, uninstall, install on the drive with plenty of room, then copy those files over.
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Sweet, looks like that worked. Thanks for the help