Steam account - how to set to "public"?

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#1 Posted by Batang_X990 (937 posts) -

can someone please help me setup my steam acct to public.

i don't even know if it's on private or not. is there a way to tell?

thanks in advance.

#2 Posted by zahyr (1695 posts) -
Go to the Community tab then edit profile and click settings there you can change it to private or public.
#3 Posted by Batang_X990 (937 posts) -

nvm got it :) thank you

#4 Posted by FelipeInside (25883 posts) -
What's the difference?
#5 Posted by ChiliDragon (8444 posts) -
What's the difference?FelipeInside
According to Steam the difference is: Private - Only you can view your profile page Friends Only - Only viewable by your friends Public - Viewable by anyone on the World-Wide Web