STALKER - Saved game version mismatch!

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#1 Posted by Amigro (737 posts) -

So, I've played a couple of hours of STALKER and just recently updated my game to the most current patch. Now every time I try to access my saved games, it give me an error message "Saved game version mismatch or corrupted save file".

Anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?

#2 Posted by Stavr0s (1003 posts) -

Well, it's obvious why your saved game doesn't work. You updated the game, and apparently the game won't let you load old saves.

All I can say is either downgrade the game (probably hard to do, Google) or start fresh and either play it through, or cheat to get back to where you were. Sorry, mate.

#3 Posted by ajca (791 posts) -
huh, thats odd -- I would just re-install the game (aka downgrade) - are there any major things in that patch that you need?
#4 Posted by Helbrec (1325 posts) -
Is this the first stalker? If so its the 1.0-1.1 patch which caused your old save not to work. Another reason i dislike stalker.
#5 Posted by Amigro (737 posts) -

Yea, first STALKER. Is this just going to happen for the 1.0-1.1 conversion or should I expect that everytime I update the game it willl void my save games.

I'm thinkin of just startin the game over, those couple of hours won't be too missed

#6 Posted by naval (11109 posts) -
yes start a new game, its a better option than playing the original unpatched games as it has quite a few number of bugs