STALKER - CoP 'Heart of Oasis'

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#1 Posted by jack_jackass (299 posts) -

Is there a way to keep this awesome artifact from Oasis aswell as completing the mission? Or do i have to part with it to complete? :(.

#2 Posted by JangoWuzHere (16804 posts) -

Its good, but you won't benefit a whole lot from keeping it. Plus I think you need to turn in oasis to get the best ending in the game. I could be wrong thoe...

#3 Posted by Masculus (2876 posts) -

I find it to be of very little use. It is good ina certain way since it will keep you fed forever and heal your wounds but there are more useful artifacts with similar properties. Problem is it gives too much radiation, and some bonus are useless such as bleeding/wound protection.