Speeding Up My Laptop Without Getting New Components

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I want to speed up my laptop, but I don't want to buy new parts for it (I'll get new parts when I'm ready to build a desktop)

I've already defragged the hardrive and cleaned it. I'm not going to set the Display Properties to Optimize for Performance. I'm also waiting on word from Razer on the Game Booster beta. I've also closed some un-needed background programs and set my anti-virus to gaming mode.

Is there anything else I can do?

System Specs:

Lenovo B570 Laptop

Windows 7 x64

Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.10 gHZ

IGM Graphics Card with (if I'm correct) about 1.5 gigs (I know it's a crappy card, but I can run most games on it)

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don't ever install gamebooster! - so you've done the whole 'services & msconfig' thing? - page file? - defrag (did you use windows' defrag or a 3rd party program like defraggler)? - did you use ccleaner to clean out your laptop? - updated drivers & windows? - background crap like those 'windows gadgets' make sure you've done all that and it'll get you quite far (oh and defrag AFTER you've done everything (updates and such)) edit: 1 more thing that came to mind, uninstall everything you don't need (games & programs)
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What's wring with GameBooster?

What 'services and msconfig' thing?

What do you mean by page file?

I used Windows Defrag

I just used the windows cleaner

Drivers and Windows are all upated

I closed down some large background applications, like the Gamestop app. Are you talking about the desktop gadgets?

I've uninstalled old programs

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everything is wrong with gamebooster windows' services & windows' msconfig look it up on google same goes for page file defrag with defraggler also (much better) use ccleaner to clean out your pc that windows cleaner is crap background apps (msconfig) big or small shut them off they're not needed. when they are needed just manually start them
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ccleaner you can find on... idk if I can post links even with the new ToS, sooo download.cnet.com/ As for the msconfig, if you don't get it, don't touch it. With a laptop you prob have 2~3 programs with no maker running, those are probably for the short cut keys, turn it off and they'll stop working, so careful, don't go all crazy disabling everything thinking you'll get a super fast system. If you can, I'd recommend a reinstall of the win 7, it will keep all your files (music, pics, videos) in a folder while getting a shiny new registry and appdata folder without a metric ton of orphans. Last time I did it took me maybe 2 hours to get everything back in place, you just need to cut and paste from the c:/old (or something like that) and then delete that folder when you're done.