Space mmorpg Where?

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Hello all, im looking for a Space mmorpg and do not even bother to say EVE online been there done that dident like it, so is there anny other out there it seems that after EA's earth and beyond was closed they all whent away or into hiding, anny ways what im looking for is, well im not really shure but it needs to be in space, have trading, combat if posible crafting and maybe the abilety to construct a space staion or colony however the last is not a must.

 thank you for anny help

p.s yes i know my grammer and speilling is bad but please ignore it :)

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depending on the last time you played, Eve has changed so much its barely the same game anymore... you would be pleasently surprised...
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i know it's no online but freelancer is alright, its kinda simulates space mmorg
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The parts of eve online that i dislike hasent changed.

freelancer nah played it to mutch

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i believe Anarchy Online is still running.....that one should be good
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Three that I know of are:


Space Cowboy:

Armada Online:

(First one appears to pay to play after the trial period, the last 2 are supposedly free)

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Eve Online is the only worth while mmorpg now.
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yes AO is still running but i played that for humm i started before the Shadowland expansjon and ended last year to manny idots begging for creds when it whent free ill take a look at the other games, space cowboy i have played not really that good

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It's not out yet, but keep your eye out for Infinity: The Quest for Earth. I think it's gonna be the best space MMO once it comes out. You can check their website out HERE. It comes out late 2007 or early 2008. (Most likely the latter).
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Yes im looking forward to infinety butas you pointed out its not out yet
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I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but it's online, in space and totally free. It also is a browser game so don't expect any flashy graphics but the game is pretty fun. Ogame is an ok game, yet it can be very time consuming. You might wanna give it a try.