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do you guys think these new upcoming games coming for PC (GTA V, Far Cry 4, etc) are going to need lots of Vram ? or was it just the poorly optimized game called watch dogs ? Of course we are talking about maximizing the graphics settings

EVEGA I believe is letting people upgrade their 3GB cards to 6GBs by simply letting them return their GPUs plus pay additional 50 dollars. They will receive brand new 6GB gtx 780s

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FC4 will run awesome, its FC, they care about PC.

GTA5, who knows, just look at GTA4 a month after launch.

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Gta 4 now struggles on my pc, my pc doesn't struggle with tomb raider or crisis or metro or even watch dogs....but Gta 4 can't handle it

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If you're playing @ 4K then yes. Otherwise you should be fine with 3GB.

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It all depends on your resolution.