So the new Thief has gone buying it?

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Nope, a Thief: Assassin's Creed doesn't interest me at all. I'll stick with the old games...

This. Between the old Thief games, the fan missions for it, the Dark Mod (missions for that), Dishonored (the extra content for that), there's no need to settle for a watered down experience that caters to the masses.

I don't understand. They added some features for the people who might not want to play stealth the whole way through. The thing is, you don't have to play that way so what's the big deal? Personally it seems like nostalgia is wreaking your option of enjoying this game.

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I won't be buying it. I'd rather play the old games again. Even if it does have hardcore options that won't stop them from filtering you through scripted action sequences that can't be skipped.

They've ripped out the one aspect that makes this series unique.

If anyone wants a genuine Thief experience you can buy the first game here on Steam

$7 - its a hell of a lot cheaper. The trilogy collection is also a good option under $20.

And which aspect would that be?

Pure sneaking. Almost all developers today insist on having stealth-action, a hybrid of sneaking and fighting.

Thief is one of the only games to let you avoid the action entirely. You're just a thief, not a fighting machine. Its so rewarding to the tension of the game play and making you feel vulnerable.

Have you played the old games?

I just watched a video with the devs and one of them said "if you're in the light and trying to fight someone face to face you should die". He made it very clear that you are not a fighter and the shadows are your friend but it is possible to knock out guards if you choose to go that route. I don't see this being much different than the games of the past and in no way can you be a "fighting machine" as you say.

Sometimes being too much of a fan can be a bad thing imo.

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Ill b playing this an south park..Looking for fun with both games..A theif game an a rpg game cant get enough fun with that load...Ah I may get dark souls 2 also )..

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No its not my type of game.

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As far as I can tell, the new Thief has cinematic takedowns and generally gives you the ability to overwhelm one or two opponents at a time.

I also seem to recall a preview mentioning that you could fighting in one room did not alert guards in adjacent rooms, which IMO makes the game not Thief.

I would'nt be surprised if it felt more like Dishonored/DE:HR than Thief, and I'm on the side which thinks it should have been named something else, when it's not trying to be a sequel anyway.

then again, I felt the same about Fallout 3. Decent game, crappy Fallout game.

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@biggest_loser Did you play the dark mod?

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Only a week to go.

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I wouldn't mind playing a demo of some sort so I can decide if I want to play it. But oh no demos take up too much time and money *rolls eyes*