So I got an extra serial of Anomaly Warzone: Earth

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#1 Posted by rilpas (8222 posts) -

game's not all that good, but I have an extra steam serial for it.

if anyone wants it just say so and I'll pm it to you, no charge

#2 Posted by FelipeInside (25659 posts) -

I'll have it if u want. Always wanted to try that game.


#3 Posted by rilpas (8222 posts) -
alright, have fun man
#4 Posted by FelipeInside (25659 posts) -
alright, have fun manrilpas
Thanks dude, ur a champion !!!!
#5 Posted by Masenkoe (4888 posts) -

I have it but I've only played it on my phone (Humble Bundle) it's k