so got a new graphics card...

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Hey, just finished up plugging my new graphics card into my rig. Installed all the latest drivers. So was very excited.

Anyway, now my monitor, no matter whether I'm in game or just browsing the internet flashes/flickers black, usually the bottom half.

I have tried different monitors, tried different cables and there has been no difference.

Does anyone know what's going on?


I7 930 @ 2.8GHZ


650 Watt PSU

2GB 760 OC Edition gigabyte

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could be a bad card.

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@metroid5: thought it might be that. Just wanted to make sure before I returned it. Could it be anything else?

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Have you looked at your display settings? Maybe the card defaulted to something (e.g. refresh rate) your monitor doesn't like.

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@kraken2109: yeah did check that, according to the monitor it should be fine. Its at 60HZ,

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Did you disable onboard graphics?

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Probably a bad card if you've tried it with different screens.

I hate it when you're excited about some sweet new tech and in the end it's broken somehow.

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Have you tried re-installing the graphics driver? It's a long shot, but it might be worth doing before you go through the hassle of getting the graphics card replaced.

Just out of curiosity - what graphics card did you get, and from what sub-vendor? Some sub-vendors have better quality control than others.

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What cable you used. HDMI to HDMI or DVI to HDMI. If you have not tried DVI to HDMI try that.

I have a gtx670 and the HDMI to HDMI does not work and a blank picture but the DVI to HDMI does work. When I try both at the same time my TV thinks or graphic card thinks it a 2nd monitor threw the HDMI to HDMI for some reason.

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@PernicioEnigma: Got new drivers and tried a fresh install

@PredatorRules: Yeah, was so excited and then in a single flicker of my screen it was all gone haha.

Yeah so I called the online store I bought it from and they said they would take it back and give my money back. Hopefully next time I won't be so unlucky.