Skyrim Castle Volkihar lot's of animal glitch/bug....

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I'm on a mission where i need to kill this bear for one of Isram's old allies. I'm playing the PC version this time round and not the PS3 which was the first time i played this mission. I remember having to kill the bear in some cave the last time, but this time, the bear appears in Castle Volkihar, the home to the Vampire Lords. I was a little confused as to why the marker appeared there.

When i arrived and went to the bears location by the castle docks, i discover lots of animals from wolves, tigers and bears. Some where in the water and i even saw a few animals drop from the sky, the same glitch/bug as the mammoth one. I had to lower the difficulty and turn on god mode because not only did i die very quickly with so many sabers and bears attacking me, but it was to get through it quicker. Not to mention, some animals kept reappearing. I killed the main bear and did a runner, but i just want to know if anyone else had this bug/glitch like i got.

I don't know if it's the game or some mod from Steam and Nexus being the cause of it.

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LOLWTF. I think it's a lot more likely to be a mod conflict than a bug. How many mods are you using? You could have just used the console command "killall" to kill everything nearby.

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Altogether, i now have 16 mods, i did have a lot and i mean a lot, but the more i had, the slower the game got. Anyway, i only have 5 active so far (Horse armor, Roman Legion armor, Dragon Cliff Manor, Enhanced Blood texture and Kill generals in camps). I was just confused as to why the Bear i had to kill was at the Vampire castle, but when i got there to check if the bear was actually there and it wasn't some glitch, my facial expressions to see so many animals where like o.o o.O O.O WTF! i died a few times because i was on Legendary difficulty, the only way to kill the actual bear was to put god mode on and to lower the difficulty because killing all the animals to get to the bear took ages lol. The hacking and slashing just got boring, specially when more appeared moments later. Not a lot, but it just felt like a million animals because of how long it took to kill them lol. I went back an hour later on the mission to find the Vampires mother and there are no animals this time, just the odd few corpses, so whatever it was that caused this mass animal meeting was rather weird. I had to take a picture as proof....and to laugh at lol XD

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Weird, I can't imagine any of those mods doing something like this. But after spending a few hundred hours playing Bethesda games and seeing how lazy they are about patching I can't say it's surprising to see bugs like this. Just be glad you were on PC and could use god mode.