Shogun 2 - Can you complete a co-op campaign yet?

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#1 Posted by Emraldo (1959 posts) -

Is it possible to play a full long campaign co-op game without it eventually bugging out with desyncs?

I've tried twice with a friend and both times we get to 60% of the campaign map we start crashing with desyncs every time we start a battle. Has this been patched yet? I'd love to play a Rise of the Samurai campaign (or just finish a regular one).

#2 Posted by kozzy1234 (35334 posts) -

Yes, I have finished multiple ones.

Just save every other turn in case you get a error or desync.

Played about 60 of my 120 hours of shogun2 on coop and ive had 3 errors/desync issues. We just reloaded the save file and kept going.

Most of my games have been with people that are within 2-3 hours frmo me though, maybe that has something to do with it I don know. Have also tried with a few people in other countries but not finished those games.

When was the last time you played the game? There has been some good updates over the months, performance is slightly better and I dont get as many errors in coop. The only times I got desync or disconect errors was when game first came out, there has been a good number of patches since.

Question for ya, when you and your friend did coop, was the same person hosting as before? Maybe try someone else hosting.. also just curious are you two super far away from each other or close?

*Also have tried about 75% of the rise of the samurai campaign in coop and no issues*

#3 Posted by Emraldo (1959 posts) -

We last played in early July, and we did switch hosts. The problem came when we got to a point where our only non-desynced save game was 20-30 turns back and we just lost all will to continue.