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I know that to get the best ending in Mass Effect 3, I need to have a HUGE amount of war assets (or something similar). I also know that the propoer way to do this is by playing mutiplayer, and very tough with single player alone. I have no intention of playing multiplayer because of my crappy internet connection. And I do want the best ending, 'cos I hate it if I'm presented with a crappy ending after investing loads of hours in the game. I do remember when Mass effect 3 was first released, there was a third party save game editor floating around on the net, with which one could edit various aspects of their Mass effect 3 saved game. One of these aspects was War Assets. Can anyone tell me how I can get this save game editor? My copy of Mass effect also has the Extended Cut dlc installed. Thanks in advance. :)

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Wow. Just. Wow.kris9031998

i too know how to search on Google. I only posted the request on Forums, because I wanted to know if you guys were able to use any editor successfully, and then recommend it to me.

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If you download the recent extended cut DLC, you don't even have to touch the multiplayer for the best ending. Its old news.

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Wow. Just. Wow.kris9031998

I did an internet search, this thread was one of the top hits! :D