SATA II Hard Drive question

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#1 Posted by Game-Guru (610 posts) -

I upgraded my hard drive to a SATA II 3.0 GB per second hard drive, and I don't have a cable that connects the SATA port on the mobo to the port on the hard drive. However, there's also a SATA cable coming out of the power supply that will connect to the hard drive.

My question is: which one do I need or do I need both of these?

Power supply -> Hard Drive
Motherboard -> Hard Drive

Much thanks for your help.

#2 Posted by roulettethedog (10978 posts) -
You need both. The Hard drive needs power and be connected to the mobo. My Western Digital Hard drive has a connector that lets you get power from mobo, but I prefer to get power from power supply.
#4 Posted by KSlater85 (19738 posts) -
Both... The one from the PSU is for power.. The motherboard one should have come with the motherboard...