Saints Row 2 PC co-op

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So both me and my friend bought the game off D2D last night, and we've been trying to the a co op or even a multiplayer game running, but to no success. On both our ends, we can't join with the message "Warning, could not join game". I can't join other games on the multiplayer list as well, but on the co op list, there's a bunch of games with 2/2 people. So I think they managed to connect somehow.

Does anyone have a working solution (fort forward or etc)? Our last resort is to LAN this thing, but that's probably another whole week away before we can get together.

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Not sure, i have had a friend enable CO-OP and even host a deathmatch game and not been able to see the server. i have managed to see other servers now and again but not often and had people join my co op game a few times.

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Ugh yeah. What's weird is a bunch of other people have joined my friend's game, but I can't join any. Thanks for your input though.

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Works perfectly for me.

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^And thank you for your input.

I actually got it somewhat working with the help of a guy from the Penny Arcade forums. Had to disable the Hamachi adaptor I had running, only then could I start to join games. However, when somebody tries to join my game, it tells them I'm currently not allowing players (when I clearly have it open to all).