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Garry Newman, the creator of the all-time bestselling Garry’s Mod, is hard at work at a new open-world game that, well, really looks a lot like DayZ with some Minecraft mixed in. Rust is a multiplayer survival game currently in alpha development that forces players to survive in a world plagued by zombies, hunger and cold.

In addition to tracking down food and making clothing to avoid freezing in the night, the most interesting part of Rust is the ability to construct buildings and shelter. Imagine if, in DayZ, the only cities that existed were built, wall-by-wall, by players banding together to keep danger at bay. Oh, and they had to chop down trees with a hatchet to get the wood for all those buildings.

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It's only $20 on steam, and it's highly addictive. I strongly suggest you check it out. There's a lot of fun to be had.

If you're looking for a good server check out

"[US]Official PVP/Sleepers/noob f"

It's a completely new server with 2 groups already at war. If you want to join a group and instantly have people to play with that have TS now is a good time. Also, if you want to go solo and form your own group, you can do that since this is a 250 user server. Absolutely no admin abuse, and hackers will be insta banned!

Server info:Open the game and once at server list press F1 and type in console


If you don't want to join the server that's fine, but for those of you without the game; I urge you to give it a try. It's only in alpha, but its worth every penny already.