RTS games with a CO-OP campaign

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ANyone know of any released RTS games that have a Co-op campaign (as in you can play the singleplayer campaign missions with somebody else.) I know Ground Control II had a co-op campaign and Red Alert 3 and Dawn of War II supposedly will have one.
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DoW 2 will, but thats not released yet so sorry man.
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Starcraft has a lot of crazy modded maps for CO-OP gameplay, I played it a long time

I think blizzard took the idea of hero units with levels from one of those modded maps and used it in WC3

no wonder I'm so thrilled about SC2, hope it will be as moddable as the first and that it will be optimised enough to render 100s (1000nds ...) of units

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dawn of war 2 and red alert 3 both have co-op single player.