Red Alert 3: Invalid Registration Code

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#1 Posted by Bill_Brock (1 posts) -

OK, so I am going to have to go back to Best Buy for the 3rd time! Because again the copy of Red Alert 3 does not accept the registration code that is printed in the manual! @#$%^&%%$?!!!

You'd think that EA would get this simple thing right. I was expecting a few bugs but this is ridiculous.

I think this time I am not going to leave Best Buy until the game actually registers. Very screwy, this.

#2 Posted by NSR34GTR (13179 posts) -

have you typed it in lower case and upper case with/without the dashes

i know it s a different game but my far cry 2 i think it was didnt accpet the code it then went through in lower case when on the booklet its printed in upper case with dashes

#3 Posted by alkore (9 posts) -

1its because they didnt heve the last number of the registration code you have to find that out for yourself

#4 Posted by nutcrackr (12802 posts) -
yeah they screwed the cd keys up for some people
#6 Posted by nicknees93 (3250 posts) -
What is the red alert 3 registration code, please.arthascbc
are you trying to get banned bro?
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You should contact EA customer service.
#8 Posted by arthascbc (2 posts) -
Excuse me, how to start the red alert 3 and what is the registration code?
#9 Posted by louismamon (1 posts) -
FACK EA games................. DAMN!!! BJAYMO!!!!