Recomendation for new RTS lan party game.

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#1 Posted by Sciver (276 posts) -
My friends and I need a new RTS game to play at lan parties. We have played bfme2 to death. We need a game that isnt too demanding like not much higher than bfme2 graphically. Any reccomendations?
#2 Posted by Colonel_Cool (1335 posts) -
Supreme Commander has really great multiplayer. It does kinda have steep system requirements though, but as long as you have a good processor and a good graphics card you should be fine.
#3 Posted by lycrof (6393 posts) -
Dawn of war is good. Although ive only played one multi game once.
#4 Posted by skibijangles8 (93 posts) -
Supreme commander is immense fun on a lan. 
#5 Posted by BigB10123 (737 posts) -
Command & Conquer 3 comes out in March and is very similar to BFME2 since both are made by EA. EA better not screw up on C&C3. If you don't wanna wait til then, I would go with Supreme Commander cuz it is a freaking sweet game. Specs are kinda high so other suggestions are Command & Conquer: Generals, Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, and Star Wars: Empire at War.
#6 Posted by oscar530 (4430 posts) -
Company of Heroes
#7 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -
Yes, Company of Heroes.
#8 Posted by Marfoo (5993 posts) -
I wish I had friends with good enough computers to play Supreme Commander with at a LAN party... but the multiplayer is still awesome, I recommend it.