Random Generated Detective/Crime solving game?

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Are there any games out there for pc that live up to the title of this thread?
I don't care about graphics, but about gameplay.

To be more specific, i'm looking for a game that will "simulate" a detective career. But random generated, so you can pick which kind of jobs you solve, and become better and get more difficult cases.

Probably it doesn't exists.

Thanks in advance!

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@Reaper6666: I don't know if there are any. A mystery is very heavily story driven, and the creation of procedural content doesn't really work with something like dialog. The closest you'll come to might be a mystery game that has a few, predetermined possible solutions that the game randomly selects from each time you play. The only game I know of like that is the old PC Blade Runner game. You play a character like Decker in the film, and like the film there is ambiguity as to who is and isn't a replicant. In the game, a number of different characters may or may not be replicants. Who is and isn't is randomly determined at the start of each game and your actions affect how the game plays out.


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L.A. Noire is the closest thing i can think of... Good game, but it's pretty linear, so there's not a lot of choosing what jobs to do. Although, if you screw up an interrogation, you can't redo it, so it sort of determines what happens next for you!

Hope that helps!

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Thats a very ambitious type of game.

this is the problem I have with all my Puzzle games..... I can only play them once.

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I think there was a CSI game or something based off of one of those TV shows. I doubt you can pick your job since realistically most investigators get assigned to jobs.

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Keep an eye on Murdered : Soul Suspect and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter .

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I'm sorry for the late reply... I've totally lost track of this post. I actually never expected a response.

Thank you very much for the responses. I thought a game like this would be difficult to find. But with your responses, it makes me understand why. I'll definitely keep track of this genre.

To go a little off topic, you guys actually helped me a bit. I'm writing a game script (well... I'm trying). Not for this genre, but an open ended, non-linear drugbaron game. For example, you can grow weed in a barn or attic, have guys on the street that sell it... But you can also be a farmer in afganistan growing poppies, or establish a drugconnection from colombia to america. The idea is that you can create your own life. Have a family, while avoiding the police and trying to make millions. Most of this game is actually (believe it or not) achievable. For example, games like "drug lord" and "Real lives 2010" are based on the kind of same concept. Only mine will be more expansive (keep hidden, buy all kinds of stuff, you have FBI, CIA, DEA, more of a management game actually). See it as a "Scarface meets Breaking Bad Simulator".

One of the problems I'm facing now is the contacts and contacts relationships. If I don't want this game to be as dull and boring as watching bread rise, I'll have to make sure the player will bond or hate the other characters. THAT is the power of this game. But actually that is nearly impossible as @Byshop said, procedural content doesn't work with dialog. Anyone have any ideas that might help me forward? Right now I'm thinking about just dropping the whole "build a relationship" thing and just add "random events" triggered by people. But this will exclude the possibility of creating best friends or mortal enemies. Which will take a lot of feeling and emerging away from the game.

Anyway... Sorry to go off topic. Thanks for all your help and if you have some advice or ideas for my concept (or want to know more) just let me know.