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After 7 years on Quake4 I think Rage is going to be a good game. They are the creators of Doom and Quake which are the only games Im been trying to play for the last 20 years. I just need to learn how to play it and for a guy of 65 this is a challenge. I loaded the game but I don't have Rage in my Programs or a shortcut so can you tell me how to get a shortcut to this game. I think I need Disk 1 in the computer. God Mode helps you learn the game. I got the direction on how to put in God Mode but don't understand it. It says to "First you need to enable the console. I'm not sure where that is at. I'm not a game player but would like to learn. It goes on and says "by adding +setcom_allowConsole 1 to launch options )Right click the game. I'm not sure what that means. Properties set launch options. So if anyone can help this old man I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Rage is a steamworks game so you need to open Steam to play it. It should have installed Steam on your computer and probably asked you to make an account. Once you have started Steam you will see the game in your LIBRARY (large font menu at the top of steam or Games > Library)

You can right click on Rage, click Properties and then click the "set launch options" to copy the "+secom_allowConsole 1" in that box.

You can also create a shortcut using right click > Create Desktop Shortcut

After that just double click on Rage and you are off and playing. Good luck

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Yeah like the guy above me said you are definitely going to need Steam to play RAGE, no doubt about it. Don't worry about it too much, and if you're wondering, Steam is a small program so it won't stress your computer nearly as much as RAGE will. Also make sure you have adequate hardware to run it, but that usually goes without saying. Good luck!