Rage and what's it take to play it?

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I have Rage on two computers and the Intel E6550 Dual 2.33 with a GL 240 Video card plays it good for about 5 or 10 minutes then freezes and goes about an inch every 3 seconds. I understand that my CPU and Video card arn't very strong but why would it play really good for a couple of minutes and then freezes up and little at a time?

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Something is more then likely overheating, probably cpu, gpu. Check your temps and get back.
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Too much stress on your hardware. Also try downloading the latest drivers..
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Yep probably over heating, don't play it anymore as you can damage your hardware permanently. Did you turn all the settings down?
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If it's overheating and you have a fan handy, you can open the side of the case and blow the fan inside and it will help. Could be other reasons though. That you can play for that long makes me wonder if it's just overheating. Is your memory completely used up when running it? You can check by looking at the Performance section of Task Manager. Check about the overheating though first. That's the easiest to check.
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this game is by far my least fav game in my whole collection

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What it takes to play Rage is a high resistance to bordem .
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What it takes to play Rage is a high resistance to bordem .dracolich55