Racing Game - Cockpit View Inquiry

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#1 Posted by genemm (127 posts) -
Hi! I want to know racing games that have cockpit view feature in it. It can be track or street racing. Please indicate also the platform to where it can be played like PC, X360 or PS3. I am hoping for great responses from you all. Happy playing!
#2 Posted by zomglolcats (4335 posts) -
Need for Speed Shift. Its available on all platforms.
#3 Posted by metroid5 (927 posts) -
Forza 3, on the 360 GTR2, on Pc
#4 Posted by NoctisCaelum52 (1359 posts) -
NFS Shift and GRID ? I'm not sure with GRID.
#5 Posted by Lox_Cropek (3512 posts) -

Need for Speed: Shift and GRID (yes, GRID has cockpit view)

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Pretty sure Project Torque does too. It's on the PC and free to play
#7 Posted by metroid5 (927 posts) -

Cant forget gran turismo prologue (5) (ps3) and Test Drive unlimited , Dirt 1&2 (multi) Import tuner challenge (360)
oh and PGR 3&4 (360)

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#9 Posted by genemm (127 posts) -

Thank you for the replies... Which of the games you mentioned are on a street racing world? I've also heard that there is a certain game which can be played using either a car or a motorbike. What is the game's title?

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GRID is more like street racing and you can do drift events etc. But they are all tracks, not open world Burnout Paradise you can use cars or motorbikes but that is an Arcade racer and I don't think it has cockpit view.
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Need for Speed Shift has the best cockpit view in any racing game I've played. Take a look at this video of it compared to Forza 3:


Dumbest video I've ever seen, guy can't even win a race in Forza 3 in E cl@ss with all assists on but can win a race in Shift. Just goes to show you something.