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hello, and thanks in advance. my specs:

BFG 6800gs 256MB

1GB kingston hyper X (512MB X2)

P4 3ghz

what res and quality settings will be playable? thanks

#2 Posted by TheLiberal (294 posts) -
what game?
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His title says it, but it's rainbow six vegas.
#4 Posted by supergamer1289 (2825 posts) - my guess,no
#5 Posted by DirkVDV01 (20155 posts) -
It should run it, but on low-med maybe...
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I basiacly had that setup before I upgraded..everything was on low setting and fro playable had to be on 640x480 or 800x600.the game isn't even worth it on those setting..its too pretty of a game to play on crappy hardware...
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Had the BFG 6800GS OC 256MB AGP and a P4 oc'd to 3.2ghz, that was good for about 20fps @ 1024x768. Pretty much why I built a new rig, first game I had to step down to that low a res to make playable, and barely at that. May as well be on a ps2 if it can't do 1280x960 at a minimum.