"KOTOR Has Stopped Working"

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I got the game with the SW: Best of PC pack. So I can start the game, but If I try to begin to play, the screen goes black and I get a "KOTOR has stopped working" message. Same thing happens if I alt-tab. Any ideas?


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When that happens to me I usually play around with the compatibility options via right clicking the shortcut. I hope it helps!
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I tried Compatibility for XP, and running as administrator, but neither worked.
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You are playing it with Vista as the OS, right?

If you are its a hit or miss thing, for some people it works on vista for others it doesn't. Personally it won't work on my vista labtop but works fine on my desktop with XP. There might be a solution to this problem on Bioware's forums but I honestly don't know of any and I checked several times.

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Yes Vista, It worked fine on my old XP Desktop too...
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I looked a bit and couldn't really find anything. I'll try posting there later if I can't find a solution. Any other ideas?

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The game is just telling you to look forward to the new MMO ;)

It was a sleeper bug...

lol, just imagine, sleeper bugs...

Sorry I'm no help, ignore me!