"Attention required!" in PokeMMO

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I suppose some of you already know the MMO fan-made version of Pokemon, called PokeMMO. Wich can be found at www.pokemmo.com . I've seen some people getting this "Attention Required" screen, instead of main page. Screenshot can be seen here: http://i.imgur.com/76IntHt.png . I live in South America, Argentina to be exact. This problem has occurred in several places around the world, as far as I know. But does anyone have any idea about this? Does the webmaster Really think that an entire country can be a spam-bot? Hell if I know.
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I'm sure he doesn't think that, but this may be the only realistic fix in his mind.  I doubt there is any official backing to this fanmade game, and the donations/payments from argentina are probably less than the cost of his time to come up with a better solution.  Just a guess..