Question connecting PC to TV

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Hey guys I couldn't find information on this online so I figured I would try these forums.

I just recently connected my computer to my TV so I can play some games on it. I was wondering is there any way to have the sound automatically switch from the PC speakers to my TV? Call me lazy but the only annoying issue I have is whenever I sit down to play I forget I need to manually set my TV as the Default Audio Device before I sit down.

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If your using HDMI all you need to do is go to playback devices and select the TV as default device. If your using DVI to HDMI do the same thing. Now if your just using VGA then your going to have to use an optical audio cable. Or use Stereo 3.5mm to stereo RCA Y cable.

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I've done this on many different TVs with my laptop and it has always done it automatically but there's been a few times where it bugged and still came out of my laptop speakers. All the options are in your control panel > sound playback devices or whatever. It was easy for me to find. I think you can just right click your sound icon in the lower right of your task bar and bring it up.