Purchasing the next generation of processors and video cards

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My inquiry is 3-folld. 1. How long does it take for them to begin going down in price? 2. Is it better to get them right when they come out? or 3. When they've been out for a few months?

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1) In general they do not go down in price, or if they do maybe by 10% max, this will be once the factories hits the yields of good quality pieces. The only time you will see SOME products drop dramatically in price is at the end of their life cycle so after appx 4 years.

2) IMO it is always worth waiting a few months for most the bugs to be ironed out, i in general will buy nothing on day 1 (PC hardware wise)

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1) That depends on a lot of factors; if the video card is a pretty big bump in performance, and they have manufacturing issues (low supply), theycan easilybe over MSRP for a month or two. Generally once manufacturing stabilizes ( a few months) prices are more reasonable. The largest decrease in price will typically come once the next generation is out. The previous ones drop much more in price.

2) Well, its not like they will perform worse if you get them later. Thats entirely dependant on how much money you are willing to spend. I've only bought one video card on release day and i regret it - not because of price or performance as both of them were good. But i bought it with the reference cooling and fan system and its rather loud. I would have rather waited for a third party to come up with a less noisy cooler.

3) Its always cheaper if you wait. But there will always be something coming in the horizon to wait for - at some point you have to buy.

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Like GonePostal said, CPU's, well Intel CPUs don't normally go down in price by much. 10-15% max. GPU's eventually start seeing price changes after a new-gen series come out. But waiting for that kind of price change usually involves months of waiting and you shouldn't wait when it comes to upgrading or building a new rig unless the release date for the newer CPU/GPU is like a month away. Look on the horizon (like Xaos said), and feel anxious lol.