£700 Gaming Laptop, is it possible?

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Hi Gaming Gurus and PC Prodigies!

I need your help and advice in choosing a gaming laptop for my decidedly choosy child, he's told me that you can get an amazing gaming laptop for a good price, I think he doesn't know the value of money yet (but that's another subject altogether).

So here I am, relatively sure that the gaming laptop with amazing graphics, batteries that last forever and speeds faster than a Bugatti on speed, for £700 is in fact a unicorn.

I'm hoping that you can show me the light and tell me, once and for all, does it exist?

Can I get a system with a bit of boot for that kind of money?

If not, what can I get that will at least come close to it?

Thanks for your help!

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It depends on your definition of 'gaming laptop'.

For £700 you could get a laptop with a dedicated graphics card, but it probably wouldn't be good for much more than medium settings at lower resolutions (obviously depends on the game). You'd also be making compromises (as usuallly happens with laptops) in terms of size, heat, weight and battery.

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you can get a decent "gaming" laptop for that kind of money, my Lenovo G570/80 can't remember which but I game basic on it; a bit of Path of Exile, I can run DiRT3/Showdown on minimum with 100fps, same about FiFa 14 or I can max out this one and get 60fps. I've got HD4000 dedicated graphics and it's pretty basic; this laptop cost me about 500$, so your 700 £ should get you a bit stronger, maybe with not dedicated graphics.

I've found this http://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-CX61-i7-4702MQ-Haswell-Dedicated/dp/B00FJF6IBG/ref=sr_1_11?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1386940840&sr=1-11

A beast in your range of price.

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My ASUS G46VW cost US$799 + tax. I consider it a budget gaming laptop. But, it runs Crysis 3 decently at Medium settings and most other games at High or better. The res is only 1366x768. But, with a 14" LCD screen, I don't mind.



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Sure, you can get a gaming laptop at the budget. What size do you want?

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I found this site for you, look at http://laptopnow.co.uk/cheap-gaming-laptops-under-500/

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I got myself a 1600$ laptop for 800$ (G75VX)... It was a refurbished model I got from Newegg.ca.

Just search around for refurbished and you'll find one. Just be wary that it's kind of like a gamble. I was lucky with mine though, not a single problem with it.