PS2 won't read discs

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My friend has a ps2, not sure what model number it is but it is a fat, and it won't read any discs. It has had problems reading discs for a while. The discs would take several tries for the system to read it but once it did the game would work fine. All of a sudden the ps2 completely stopped reading any disc and I was wondering what I should do. The laser lens was cleaned just a couple of months ago, what else could I do. I tried to run the laser lens cleaner but it wouldn't read it to start the cleaning cycle. Any help would be appreciated.

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depending on which ps2 you have, could be different things. the older bulky ps2's after a while simply stop reading discs, they wear out within a year or 2, it's something they fixed with the slim models. if you're using a slim model, the main flaw they have are the sensors around where the disc goes, the main one that will cause trouble is the one right above the inside of the power button. it will look just like a small square hole, those tend to go bad or act up, they're there to detect that the door is closed, in this case you can just take a tiny piece of paper even if you want to make it quick and easy, and cram it completely in that small square hole over the sensor to make it believe the door is always closed. there are more sensors around in there too, all should look the same or similar but that's the main one to act up.
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It's an older PS2, one of the fat ones.

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I don't know if there is much to do to make those older model ones read properly, i had one before and eventually it would be to where it'd seem like it was random when it would and wouldn't spin up the disc to read, but once it did start reading it'd work reliably, it just was the hassle of getting it to spin up the disc, but one thing you could do that i did back then before i got the slim ps2, if you eject the tray and push the button to close the tray before it fully ejects and wait, that was the best method i had figured up to get it to work, in the ps2 browser it would eventually spin up the disc and show up a disc in the menu with the memory card(s), but it was annoying sometimes. other than that i don't think there is much to do to make it spin up the discs properly.
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I had the same problem with mine back in the days.

If you dare open it and clean the laser lens.

It worked for me