Prototype 1+2+2DLC for $9.99

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#1 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (26222 posts) -

Steam Redeemable

individually it's nearly $90 for the whole thing.

My question now is, how good are these games?

#2 Posted by sSubZerOo (43899 posts) -
GL trying to get Prototype 1 to work on a modern system..
#3 Posted by DanielDust (15402 posts) -
Imo they're both trash and 1$ would be too much for both of them, since they're a complete waste of time, but technically it's a decent offer if you're interested in terrible games with lots of combat moves.
#4 Posted by Miroku32 (8666 posts) -

Would be excited but after playing Prototype 1 I can say they aren't worth my time nor money.

Still, for those interested is a great deal.

#5 Posted by koospetoors (3245 posts) -
If you find the concept of being given godly powers and let loose in a sandbox environment appealing then you'll enjoy it. Unfortunately the series doesn't offer anything beyond mindless, gory fun though. I guess its worth getting at that price, just don't expect anything truly amazing though
#6 Posted by PCgameruk (1512 posts) -
GL trying to get Prototype 1 to work on a modern system.. sSubZerOo
Why? I remember trying it with a 4870 at it seemed fine.
#7 Posted by AfroPirate (675 posts) -

for $10 it's a good deal I had fun playing the first one it's the same cost as a movie ticket and worth more.

#8 Posted by JangoWuzHere (17311 posts) -

Not sure where all this prototype hate is coming from. The first game is awesome, it was a ton of fun messing around with tbe various powers.

#9 Posted by SolidPandaG (218 posts) -

Most of the hate is unwarranted but... after having played the second, I can understand some reason for it.

The second game's storyline totally butchered the series. It's an aberration that I'll pretend never took place.