Prototype 1 vs Prototype 2?

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Is there a huge improvement in graphics and gameplay or is 2 more like a high quality expansion pack?

#2 Posted by nutcrackr (12723 posts) -
graphics are better but performance isn't exactly great. Gameplay is much the same although you use two powers at once instead of one. It's pretty much a more of the same kind of sequel.
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graphic engine got a huge overhaul, but gameplay wise is largely dumped down that you won't even recognize it, upgrade option and the control of all power got nerfed into 1 button, meaning you can no longer do horizontal and vertical combo mix. you can pretty much spam to victory in all scenario.

What I can't really stand is P2 take the control out of the game, I don't know who made this "the simpler the better" decision, but it's just half of the quality the first one is.

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better graphics but worse gameplay. Also the PC port is not very well optimised. Honestly I still think PT1 looks "ok" for an open world game. I'd play PT1 if you havent because its the better of the 2.
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Prototype 1 > Prototype 2

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P2 > P1


P1 > P2


P1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> P2

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eh... i just played the first one threw a second time and started the second immediately after. admittedly, i'm not that far into the second one but so far i prefer the gameplay in the first one.... maybe it's just because i'm still in the beginning weak stages right after being mercer at his fullest. i also just don't care for the character in this one or the change in aesthetics. graphically speaking it looks better but design wise i think it looks goofy.