Program for recording gameplay

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#1 Posted by glitchesofwar (356 posts) -

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows of some sort of software that would allow me to record myself playing Crysis or something.

Much obliged

#2 Posted by jernas (1513 posts) -

To record yourself: webcam

to record Crysis: FRAPS

#3 Posted by glitchesofwar (356 posts) -

Yeh I gave FRAPs a try but I am somewhat put off by its 30 second limit.

Are there any free programs that are unlimited?


Are there any good editing programs I can use to fuse these clips together?

Oh and cheers for the response :-)

#4 Posted by jernas (1513 posts) -
What about Windows Movie Maker?
#5 Posted by AirGuitarist87 (9499 posts) -
CamStudio is free and has no limits or watermarks on it. The only trouble is that it's quite a system hog and records at the native resolution so you need to compress it unless you want a massive file taking up half your HDD.
#7 Posted by FrankQC (75 posts) -
XFire Gaming Simplified - Video Recorder (you need to have an XFire client). With XFire you can do Live Feeds... so people can see you play over the internet over a live feed. Pretty nice.