Problems with Halo 2 and Windows 7

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So I just got Halo 2.. and i go to install it with windows 7 and it installs but after i finish and want to play it says...

"Live Gaming on Windows failed to initialize. This may be because another
LIVE Gaming on Windows application (such as the Halo 2 dedicated server) is
running on the same machine. Otherwise, reinstalling the game may fix this

I tried following these... but i cant figure some stuff out i need help how can i get this to work please.

Help1, Help2, Help3... none of which i can figure out, or i get stuck or they do not seem to help at all..

I hate GFWL

EDIT: the only other GFWL game i have is the Steam version of Batman AA

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Hmm...Try uninstalling both the game AND Games for Windows LIVE (can only do this under Add/Remove and will render Batman AA unplayable until you reinstall it) and then reinstall it.
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Also it says if I rename the system32/catroot2 folder then tht helps it work. umm i cant though it says it is in use.

Also i have tried uninstalling both. i did not see GFWL under Add or Remove Programs so i uninstalled in with Revo Uninstaller..

So i uninstalled both Halo and GFWL and then reinstalled Halo 2.. played it.. still go the message so it didnt start. i tried installing the Version of GFWL that is suposed to work with halo from on the disk.. it still doesnt work

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Only other thing I can suggest is trying to run it in backwards compatibility mode with Windows Vista. Otherwise, find and install the latest patch manually and see if that fixes it.
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still no, anybody here have windows 7 and halo 2 with any experience. some people siad they had no problems with it but others got my problem

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thats weird i don't have any problems with halo 2 under windows 7.
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its supposed o work if its your FIRST GFWL game

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when was the last time you played Batman AA while signed into LIVE? If it's been a few months, go download the latest update for the GFW-L component.

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last week, oh and i have been trying lots of things.. tired playing it with an old version of gfwl.. tried with the newest.. i got it to work by uplugging the internet and playing after a clean install.. the n when i sign in it crashes. i applied an updated i had downloaded and im getting the error again.

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Hmmm...How about right-clicking the EXE and doing "Run as Administrator"? That's pretty much the last idea I have.
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